Paleo Buckwheat Pudding

A bowl of warm, comforting, sweet chocolatey buckwheat pudding. You all know just how much I love my buckwheat, right? So of course, it will come as no surprise to you if I say that, when I saw this recipe for Spiced Buckwheat Pudding on Nora’s Natural Noshing, it was like, I had to try it.

Paleo chocolate self-saucing pudding recipe. I swapped self-raising flour for buckwheat flour, cows milk for almond milk, rice malt syrup for sugar, cocoa for cacao and butter for olive oil. It is gluten free and grain free depending on your buckwheat definition. 30g coconut flour (You could do 80g coconut flour and omit the buckwheat if you are strict paleo.

If you’re merely curious about going Paleo (grain free) or if you’re a full-on grain free foodie, here is a list of my favorite grain free recipes. There are many ways to follow the grain free diet, however, I follow the strictest form, which eliminates even grain-like seeds and grasses such as wild rice, quinoa, amaranth, millet and buckwheat. Shiny Spoons Buckwheat Puddings are new Gluten Free, Soy Free, Vegan and Paleo Desserts, that are not only good for you but also irresistibly delicious. I LOVE chia pudding and need to add buckwheat groats to the top of mine after seeing your photo above. I just started eating paleo and I love the pudding.

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