Paleo Whole Egg Sesame Mayonnaise

Any suggestions/substutions for those of us allergic to eggs? I have an egg-free, dairy-free mayo from Whole Foods, but it contains canola oil (non-GMO, expeller pressed, though). Homemade mayonnaise gets a light and tangy make over, thanks to this DIY recipe that calls for rice wine vinegar and sesame oil. Whole Egg Sesame Mayonnaise 1 of 1. Paleo Mayonnaise. This is a paleo-style recipe for homemade mayonnaise. Whole Egg Sesame Mayonnaise.

This is a paleo-style recipe for homemade mayonnaise. Anyone has found a different mayonnaise that is closer to paleo? But if you are looking for a good mayo that doesn’t have all the crap that others have, this is definitely one of the better options. unrefined sesame oil is very good, as the antioxidant content is so high that the polys don’t go rancid as with other seed oils. You don’t need to drizzle with a whole egg and hand beater.

Actually there ARE recipes for cooked-egg-yolk mayonnaise. I use 2 yolks, lemon juice and a pinch of mustard powder, olive oil and a dash of sesame.  But, a closer look at the mayo on the shelf and you realize that your beloved Hellman’s is full of icky oils you are trying to avoid. Also, some people like to do part olive oil and part sesame oil, as it is milder tasting.

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