Paleo Wild Rice Stuffing for Turkey

A naturally gluten-free stuffing made with wild rice and meaty mushrooms. Ingredients.

Superstorm Sandy experiences and a paleo stuffing recipe just in time for Thanksgiving. gluten-free, grain-free, dairy-free. But if you’re on a paleo, gluten-free or a vegan diet or you don’t have oven space and want to use your slow cooker — or if you just want to mix things up — try one of the other stellar recipes here. For this recipe, store-bought dried bread cubes aren’t just a handy shortcut — they’re required, as they hold up best in the cooker’s gentle heat. Herbed wild rice and quinoa stuffing: With cranberries, apples and pecans, this rice-and-quinoa stuffing just tastes like fall.

Whether you are cutting carbs for an Atkins, paleo, South Beach, or other similar diet; you want to try your hand at a surprising and delightful new recipe for the Thanksgiving classic; or you are just tired of bread stuffing, you will find something you like from these ideas. Using wild rice can provide an even more flavorful experience, with a texture rather unlike your old go-to stuffing recipe. Here is one such fruit and nut stuffing recipe from SheKnows. com, complete with a variety of spices that complement the sweet and nutty flavor. Enjoy Thanksgiving dinner without needing to loosen your beltthis pecan stuffing recipe contains no bread. A paleo stuffing based on whole foods and veggies.

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